Preferred Methods of Learning French

As a resident of London, there can be many reasons behind why you are looking to learn French. Some of the common reason behind learning French is charm, allure, travelling to France, knowing the art and culture of the French society. Some people learn French so that they may become bilingual and may be find a better job, as there are many jobs today which prefer candidates who can speak multiple languages. All in all the list of reasons behind taking French lessons in London can be huge. In this article we will discuss some of the best ways to learn French in the popular city like London.

French Lessons in London:

We will discuss some of the best ways to study French in the points below

  • Obviously since you are a resident of London, you cannot go to France just to study French language. Under such circumstances the best option for you is to take French classes. For this purpose there are a variety of institutes across London from where you can take your French classes without much of a hindrance. Some of these institutes are very affordable as well.
  • If you are a busy person and you cannot go to an institute every now and then due to any XYZ reason. Then the best option for you is to hire a French tutor. In this globalized world finding such a tutor won’t be a hard nut to crack for you. You can surely search out the tutors through internet and even ask someone in your social circle to refer you to a French tutor.
  • If you are too busy a person and you even don’t have time for the French tutor, then in such a scenario you can take the corresponding classes. The class will be conducted as per your time zone, however you will be taught by a professor.
  • Another option for you is online classes, however this is not a preferred option but it can work for a person who has no time for tuition etc. there are many videos uploaded nowadays in popular video websites, through which you can learn French easily.
  • The last option for you is day to day interaction with French speaking people. If you have a social circle in which French speakers are there, then you are really lucky. Hearing these individuals speak French daily will surely help you.

These were some of the most common methods through which you can get French lessons in London. The methods can be many, the above mentioned ones are those methods which are highly popular nowadays in the market and who have given positive results as well. So if you are looking to learn French, then do so but ensure that whatever method you select to learn French, you must be consistent with it. Inconsistency can hinder your process of learning French. If you want to learn a skill then you must take time out for it.

Even in spite of massive job cuts, the ecommerce sector is managing to attract young talent

Almost every sector welcomes students from top B-schools with open arms. However, if you believe in results for Nielsen Campus Track Business School survey, most of the students are interested in e-commerce industry instead of others.

As part of this survey, students from top 35 B-schools were asked to select the sector that they wish to work for.  Out of overall participants, 25 percent of students indicated that they wish to be a part of IT sector. Around 25 percent said they wish to join insurance and banking sector. Surprisingly, 30 percent of students selected e-commerce industry for their future and remaining 20 percent did not respond.

Even last year’s survey had pointed out ecommerce as the favorite sector for students. The sector has managed to retain its position this year as well.  Young grads often visit employment news sites to find e-commerce job openings.

Nielsen India’s executive director Ajay Macaden recently interacted with journalists and shared his opinion about the study’s results. He highlighted the point that e-commerce sector offers the opportunity to learn about the evolving industry and this aspect manages to easily attract B-school students. Plus the industry does not have any nascency attached to it anymore and it has become one of the highly employable sectors.

All that glitters may not be gold

No doubt, the young job seekers are attracted towards the e-commerce industry, however, one must remember that the sector has hired and fired several individuals during the last twelve months. Some e-commerce companies and startups even shuttered down their shops resulting in hundreds of job losses.

E-commerce bubble busted for the first time last year when top food ordering apps TinyOwl and Zomato asked around 500 of its employees to find another job. Foodpanda asked 300 employees to leave while startup asked 800 people from its workforce to find another job. Plus, several e-grocer startups had to shut down completely, resulting in hundreds of job losses.

Even Snapdeal asked 200 of its employees to go for performance improvement program. Sources from the company claim that this was company’s way to indirectly show exit to certain employees as the organization does not believe in pink-slip policy.

TeamLease’s co-founder and senior Vice-President Rituparna Chakraborty recently interacted with journalists and shared her opinion about the issue. She highlighted the point that such job cuts were expected to happen because investors start looking for profitability when the company grows and matures. Thus, it becomes necessary to roll some heads and to save money anyhow.

One of Snapdeal’s own employee who interacted with HT also highlighted the same. He suggested that company had opted for mass-hiring, and some of its staff members had very less work to do. Hence, job cuts were expected.

Chakraborty suggests that some companies are giving pink slips to their in-house employees so that they can outsource their work to vendors at cheaper rates and save some money to increase profits on the profit chart.

Surprisingly, after hundreds of job cuts in various departments last year and even during this year’s first quarter, Snapdeal has recently declared that it aims to hire 450 more engineers this year.










What to Look for in a Child Safety Seat

Oh my goodness, you’re going to possess a baby! Therefore currently you’ve got to start out searching as a result of babies would like plenty of stuff. Before you go crazy deciding on rompers and mobiles and wallpaper borders, there is something you wish to place at the top of your list: a baby safety seat.


Why should this be at the top? Well, because among different things, you are going to got to bring your baby home from the hospital and, by law, any child up to 18 months previous should be properly restrained in a child seat.

Yes, a child seat is that important: Your child’s safety and luxury depend upon it. And you will use it lots. This is a sale that deserves your time and thought. It’s an investment.

So simply what does one got to seek for during this investment? Simply however do you decide among the thousands that important to have a child safety seat is correct for your child? Well, take a deep breath (you don’t need to rush this decision) and take a glance at the ideas below:


There’s not too much to say about price. You’ll find child safety seats in a wide range of prices, but remember: This is an important investment. First find the seat with the right specifications, then look for the best price for a seat that meets them.

Think you might save money with a second-hand safety seat? You might want to reconsider because, basically, they can be a bad idea.

A used child car seat can have invisible damage that affects its performance. It is probably missing its instructions (How do you hook this thing up?). And depending on its age, it may not be up to current standards. Unless you know the car seat’s history, keep looking.

One feature you might want to consider when looking at prices is convertibility. Some “convertible” safety seats can be used for a wider range of weights and heights, and will work for infants and toddlers. You’ll be buying one seat instead of two.

Easy to Use

As mentioned, a child car seat gets a lot of use. You want that use to be as easy as possible.

Is the seat easy to install?

  • You have to get it in the car before you can use it, and if the seat isn’t properly installed, your child may not be properly restrained. If other people will be installing the seat, there’s an even greater need for easy installation.
  • Where will you be using the car seat?
  • Will you be taking the seat in and out of the car frequently? If so, weight is a consideration.
  • Is the seat easy to carry?
  • Model handles and weights vary.


  • Car seats aren’t always one-size-fits all proposition. Is the safety seat you’re considering suitable for your car?
  • Does it fit in your car? Will it fit in other cars you may need to use it in? (Note: You can call the manufacturer to check this.)
  • It’s difficult to use the tether methods of installation in some cars. Is yours one of them?
  • Are the seats angled so that you can level the child’s car seat?
  • Will the safety seat’s bottom fit snugly on the car seat?
  • Does the back seat have enough clearance for rearward facing seats.
  • Does the back seat have enough legroom for forward facing seats. (Or will your child be kicking the back of your seat?)

Looking for that dream job in government department? Your wait might soon get over

Central government is all set to generate thousands of new jobs in several departments/ministries during the next 12 to 24 months.  Sources also suggest that all the ministries have been asked to share details about their department’s employment generation potential by Cabinet Secretariat.

Jobs to be created across various ministries

According to stats released by the central government in its budget estimates, the government plans to add 2.18 lakh jobs into its existing workforce during next 12 to 24 months. Currently, government workforce consists of around 33.05 lakh individuals.

Individual with adequate knowledge about the issue shared some details with journalists on condition of anonymity.  This source suggests that the central government’s home ministry plans to take its total manpower strength to 22,006 by adding around 5,695 individuals in its workforce.  Certain police departments under this ministry from various cities plan to induct 47,264 individuals.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s budget estimates also show same figures.  This report shows that Defense Ministry of India will generate 10,894 new jobs during the concerned timeframe, 2016-17.

Jitendra Singh, the Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions interacted with journalists and said the Modi government keeps futuristic vision, and will create new jobs to improve government establishments.  Such increase in manpower strength would help in offering good governance.

Not just home, and defense, but there are several other ministries that plan to increase their head count by 2017.

External Affairs ministry will increase its strength by adding 2,072 posts in its existing force of around 8,913 as of 2015.  Department of Atomic Energy will increase its headcount to 38,025 by adding 6,353 posts.

Budget estimates also indicate that Civil Aviation Ministry will increase its headcount to 2,140 by adding 1,080 individuals in its workforce.

Personnel Ministry currently has 8,568 positions and it will hire 1,796 new individuals in its workforce. The Mines Ministry that has 8,503 individuals in workforce, and it is expected to add 4,399 individuals in its workforce by 2017. So, it is advisable to visit employmentnews websites like and keep track of job openings.

Are people much more interested in government jobs than private jobs these days?

No one can deny that MNCs and startups offer good salaries, but they expect people to leave their personal life behind forever and work tirelessly. People are expected to work on their weekly offs; some MNCs even disobey government orders to keep shutter down on the election date.

Even after showing their best performance, people fail to get timely salary hike in almost all sectors, except for the IT sector. People get good salary hike only when they switch their jobs, perhaps, this is the reason companies face high attrition levels. Several studies have already proved that work pressure is ruining people’s health as well as personal life.  Above all, there is no job guarantee in private sector these days. Companies simply remove their employees by terming them as non-performers whenever they lose business from any of their clients.

On the other hand, government employees get timely salary hikes; they don’t have to work on national holidays. Their jobs are secured, plus, government employees also get several other benefits. So, more and more people are willing to work for government rather than private sector.


5 Reasons to Seriously Consider Community College

Community college gets a bad rap because it’s considered less than four-year universities. But as the economy suffers and truth emerges, students are finally finding good reason to attend community college first. There are a number of reasons why this consideration should be at the forefronts of high school seniors’ minds. Is it possible to go off to community college and have a successful career in business, health and law? The answer is a resounding yes.

Not everyone is cut out for a four-year university right away. So before you begin putting in applications to schools, consider the following factors and see if community college is a viable option for you.

The Cost

The cost of going to community college is much cheaper than a four-year residential college – both private and public. If money is an issue for you, you don’t have to back down from the idea of seeking higher education. Shop around for a community college and save thousands. But do keep in mind that some four-year universities offer financial aid programs, so don’t base your decision off of money alone. Research is key, so take your time and do your due diligence.

Your Test Scores aren’t that Great

If your GPA and exam scores are a bit weak, you may want to consider going to community college before going off to get your bachelor’s degree. This will give you the chance to build up your academic skills for the next time you take your SAT or ACT. Plus, attending community college first will show universities you are serious about your academic career. Once you complete your two years, you can showcase the improvements you’ve made in your GPA and test scores.

You Have Obligations to Family or Work

It can be difficult going away to college, while helping out family, working or both. Universities aren’t that flexible to accommodate this problem. At a community college, you can attend school part time, on the weekends or in the evenings. It’s easier to work school around your schedule when you go to a community college. The sad truth is a lot of people who have obligations outside of school end up not going to school at all. Don’t let this be you!

You Don’t Really Need a Bachelor’s Degree

Not all career paths require you to have a bachelor’s degree. Do research to see what employers require you to enter into the field. In some cases, all you need is an associate’s degree or just a certification. These can be obtained online in most cases, like the University of Maryland’s online mba program. There’s no sense in paying more than you have to – as they say, work smarter, not harder!

You’re Iffy About College

Going to college is a big commitment. You need to make sure that you’re ready to go away to a university to study for four years. You don’t want to end up being a college drop out. If you want to test the waters, start off with a two-year degree from a community college.

Exactly What Does It Mean To Review Writing?

A comparatively new niche, frequently within the British department, is really a writing or creative writing degree. Craft Creativity & Humanities degree on paper enables you to pay attention to the particular courses you have to start a writing career. By its very specialized nature, it does not supply the same career options or fundamentals for more education that the British degree does. Nor will it supply the narrow focus of the journalism degree. However, there’s a continuing lack of good authors in each and every field, from business to government, and abilities in this region will be beneficial regardless of what you decide to pursue. Online college courses on paper will help you hone your communicative abilities no matter your profession.

Instruction on paper provides you with the practice and abilities within the craft to ensure that as it pertains lower to creating the ultimate piece, the language appears to circulate “very easily” – a minimum of towards the readers. Creativeness, curiosity, an extensive selection of understanding, self-motivation, and perseverance are valuable. It’s also wise to apply good judgment along with a strong feeling of ethics in determining what material to create or publish.

You might wish to focus on nonfiction writing or perhaps in creative writing. Creative authors can write fiction or whimsical non-fiction historic biographies or, plays, lyrics. Still advertising and copywriting careers can start out of your learning creative writing. Copywriters prepare advertising copy to be used by publication or broadcast media promote the purchase of products or services.

What Else Could You Use A University Degree On Paper?

Lots of organizations and companies are utilizing Internet sites and newsletters more, and also the advertising and pr fields will also be supplying a stable interest in new writing professionals. Interest in technical niche authors in areas, for example law, medicine, and financial aspects are anticipated to improve as technologies expand during these areas.

Technical Writing

Technical authors can be employed in industry, technology, medicine, sciences, and engineering – any section in which a bridge is required between your technical lingo and customary language. They should also write for people of the profession while using appropriate jargon, with similar ease, sophisticated vocabulary, and overall fluency that any communicator might have. The technical author is really a truly bilingual communicator. Writing training can help you conserve a logical flow that is essential for manuals and instruction.


Freelance authors sell the work they do to marketers, publication businesses, manufacturing firms, pr departments, or advertising agencies. Others might be hired on the temporary basis to accomplish specific assignments for example covering something new or technique. Just like any freelancing career, it’s really a demanding one, with no steady salary–but when you’ve developed a proper clientele, it’s a terrific way to own your personal time

Other Writing Careers

Writers, creative authors, and poets have been in limited demand, as well as the gifted couple of that do allow it to be, it’s really a very rewarding career. If you are interested in media, you can look at being employed as a reporter, editor, investigator, writer or literary agent. Pr and advertising will also be fields that are grateful for formal writing degree. Business possibilities exist for authors in finance, expertise for example property, law, unions, government and public administration, education, and industry, and wholesale and retail companies. Author salaries average over $54,000 in advertising and related services. The typical earnings for editors are $41,000 it’s over $33,000 in newspaper, periodical, book, and directory posting.


The Differences between the SAT and the ACT

Applying for colleges is a rite of passage that every young person must go through in order to move onto the next phase of their life. And like most rites of passage — your first time getting bullied, your driver’s license test, paying taxes for the first time — it isn’t a rite of passage due to how much fun it is. It is an exhausting and dehumanizing process that turns you against your peers and, in reality, takes years to complete, not just the weeks in which you are filling out your applications.

You can tell college applications are brutal based on this one fact: taking a test is one of the better parts. Whether you want to study at UCLA, or get UC’s masters healthcare administration, you will need to take a college entrance exam. This three to four-hour period on a Saturday morning at the end of your high school career is actually one of the less stressful, more enjoyable parts of trying to get into college. Not because the test is hilarious or a thrill ride; simply because it is tangible. Instead of sitting around and waiting, twiddling your thumbs, hoping you are good enough, you are actively working towards a result. You just have to sit in a desk and answer questions correctly, the same thing you have done a thousand times throughout your childhood and adolescence.

But before you can get to this point, you have to decide which of the college entrance exams you want to take. That’s right, there is more than one. And while colleges put similar weight into both of them, each student performs differently on each test, and there are a number of factors to consider when deciding which one is right for you. Here are some of the key differences between the SAT and the ACT.

The ACT’s Science Section

Both tests cover English, math, and reading, with an optional essay portion. But the ACT has a section unfound on the SAT: science. Be warned though: the ACT’s science section famously has nothing to do with science. It is more just a section about charts and graphs, and using the information from them properly. This could be good news if you are averse to science, just don’t let it sneak up on you.

The ACT is Faster

The average time you have to answer each question on the ACT is about 20 to 30 seconds faster than that of the SAT. Even though they are administered over a similar period of time, the ACT has more questions. This should be known for those who are slow test takers.

The SAT’s Math Section Covers Data Analysis

The SAT and the ACT both have math portions which cover algebra 1, algebra 2, arithmetic, geometry, and trigonometry. But the data analysis section is unique to the SAT. Consider your own skills in data analysis when choosing between the SAT and the ACT. Those generally turned off by math may want to lean towards taking the ACT.

Top 5 Green College Campuses

There are a number of reasons why going green is important. For instance, you want to use reusable bags and bottles. However, being green must also transcend to other parts of your life, like where you live and where you go to school. When it comes to going to college, there are a number of green colleges that make sustainability a number one priority. If you are on a mission to minimize your carbon footprint, you may want to explore some of the top greenest campuses. What makes a campus green?

For one thing, there are rigorous tests that colleges can go through to get a green certification. A campus can be green for its energy use, its waste management or the way the building promotes natural heating and cooling. Here are the top five green college campuses.

  1. Green Mountain College

Of course, you’d expect the greenest campus to be at a college called Green Mountain, but it’s all too true. Located in the lush green hills of Vermont, Green Mountain College prides itself on its green initiatives. For one thing, it was one of the first colleges to realize complete climate neutrality. Moreover, most of the heating and hot water on the campus comes from a biomass plant onsite that burns locally sourced wood chips.

  1. Colby College

Located near Augusta, Georgia, Colby College was one of the first colleges in the U.S. to achieve carbon neutrality. It also boasts having 12 LEED certified buildings, including dorms and classrooms. Moreover, the sun powers much of the school’s energy. If you are looking for a top tier liberal arts college that has one of the greenest campuses, you may want to explore Colby College.

  1. Stanford

You’d expect a college located in the Bay Area to have a green campus, but Stanford has one of the greenest campuses west of the Mississippi. For one thing, almost half the food served at the cafeteria at Stanford is locally sourced. Moreover, 65% of waste is recycled. In the future, the campus hopes to reduce carbon emissions by 68%. If you attend this college, you can also join one of the 20 green clubs that are made up of students and teachers to talk about issues regarding sustainability.

  1. University of Southern California

When it comes down to it, University of Southern California is one of the greenest campuses in the region. The campus can boast that it recycles almost 4,000 tons of trash in a single year. Moreover, 33% of refuse is recovered from regular trash bins and is recycled. Not only that, but much of the construction refuse that the school produces are also recycled.

  1. Arizona State University

On top of everything, Arizona State University is committed to staying green. For one thing, the campus is LEED certified. Plus, it has one of the largest solar plant facilities producing a tremendous amount of energy. Not only that, but it reuses about 12,000 tons of trash each year. In the end, Arizona State is a shining example of how green a college can be.

The SAT or the ACT: Which Should You Take?

It’s common for students to consider one exam over the other. Those who focus all of their studies on the SAT usually end up struggling with the ACT and vice versa. Very few students will set their sights on taking both the SAT and ACT. The two are equally important and won’t squander your chances of getting into a college if you decide to only take one. One thing to keep in mind is that these exams are comparative, so they don’t look at how well you do as an individual, but how well you do when compared to everyone else who has taken the exam.

The Difference Between the Two

The SAT and ACT exams are pretty much the same. Both of them cover math, reading comprehension and grammar. There were recent changes to the SAT that has made it nearly identical to the ACT. The math section of the SAT was toned down to include more advanced math concepts, such as matrices and trigonometry. The grammar sections are also pretty much the same on both exams.

Before, the SAT featured vocabulary words that were very challenging. It had problems that were vocabulary-specific, which required students to have great knowledge of vocabulary. This has changed recently, now requiring students to answer only a few “vocabulary in context” problems. This means you can now use the text around the word to determine its meaning.

The ACT does have advanced math that is a bit more complex. On this exam, you’ll need to have a stronger understanding of algebra, geometry and arithmetic. The SAT recently incorporated similar advanced concepts, however the ACT continues to be more in depth.

The writing and grammar sections of the ACT and SAT are nearly identical. The concepts on both tests require similar levels of understanding. So if you pass this section on the ACT, you should also pass it on the SAT. The essays, on the other hand aren’t the same. One isn’t harder than the other, the two are just different. The essays are optional and won’t affect your score. A separate grade is given for your essays, which most admissions committees don’t care for. The ACT asks you to write an essay based on a set of arguments given to you. The SAT has you read an essay and then evaluate it.

The ACT has a science section that is a bit odd – it doesn’t really have anything to do with science. Instead, you are given a bunch of charts and graphs that you must use to answer questions. So you’re pretty much testing your analytical skills. If you can read graphs, you should have no problem passing this section.

Choosing Which Test to Take

The important thing to remember is that colleges don’t prefer one test over the other. So it all comes down to selecting the one that’s right for you. You should focus on the exam that will highlight your strengths the most. Once you pass, you may be able to get into Villanova University or another college you’re interested in pursuing.

What It Takes to Get Into a Selective College

Want to get into selective college, but not sure how? Join the thousands of others who are contemplating the same. It can be a bit tricky getting into these prestigious schools, but it’s not impossible. There are a variety of factors these colleges consider when choosing which applicants make the cut. The following tips can be used to help increase your chances of getting into a school with a highly selective process.

Who’s Most Likely to Get In

You have a better chance of getting into a selective school if you have high scores. If you’re waving around a grade point average between 3.8 and 4.6, then you will potentially grab their attention. Your SAT scores also have to be impressive ranging between 700 and 800. AP classes are a definite plus, especially for courses in physics, calculus, English and U.S. history. You need to have a high score on each test that is between 4 and 5.

Letters of Recommendation Matter

You’ll need to have solid letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors and anyone else you’ve known throughout your academic career. Coaches and even employers can be great candidates to write the letters for you. It’s best to select folks who you’ve worked with recently, so don’t choose a teacher you had freshman year. If you decide to go with a teacher, choose one that taught a core course, like English, math, history, science or foreign language. Take this seriously because your letter of recommendation is very important for your application.

Build a Great Resume

You should have a solid resume that showcases your activities in and outside of school. Your summers and school breaks should consist of extracurricular activities that are notable, and that showcase your strong points.

Put Your Facebook to Good Use

This isn’t the place to show off pictures of wild high school parties. Facebook is one of the first places selective colleges look up applicants. They are looking to see what type of person you are and if it lines up with the things you’ve put on your application. So make sure you’re displaying your talents – if you’re going to be an art major, then you need to post your artwork. Maybe you have a talent in music – post videos or mp3s of you playing. Whatever you do outside of school, whether it be volunteer projects or hobbies, showcase it on your Facebook profile.

What Elite Schools Look for

It’s good to know what the top schools in the nation are looking for, so you can improve your chances of gaining their attention. For instance, Yale tends to look for students who are unique, while Brown likes self-motivated learners who are active-thinkers. Princeton chooses students who challenge themselves and offer a unique perspective. Dartmouth holds letters of recommendation very highly and Harvard prefers students that have well-cultivated interests, so specializing in your talents is key. The University of Chicago simply wants to know who you are as a person.

Getting into USF’s mpa online is much easier that gaining entrance into a selective college, but it doesn’t mean they’re not worth a try!